Averment moves to new premises

It is an exciting time for Averment. Formely, trading as Philyorkshire Limited.

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As the director of Averment, I have always been keen to keep the overheads low and business operation simple. For the past couple of years we have been working out of an office at the home address.

But the success of our small operation has created a nice problem to have — we need bigger premises with modern facilities to accommodate our clients and growing team.

So we are excited to announce that we have today signed an agreement to move into modern, fully-serviced offices provided by Regus. Situated in a historic former cloth mill that’s now a thriving arts, business, shopping and dining complex - it provides all of our business needs.

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Our new office address is: 1st floor East Suite, Waterfront, Shipley BD17 7EZ

If you have a project that you are looking to get started then we would love to hear from you. Come down, meet the team and let’s sit down with a cuppa.


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