How to create a marketing persona for Cheryl Hole, Gothy Kendoll & Divina De Campo

The first step to developing a marketing strategy is to define your target audience. You want your marketing to have impact, you want to get engagement? Well you better work at it! If you make generic statements such as “We are the best agency”, your message will be lost against the backdrop of all the other basic agencies saying the exact same thing.

But how do you create content that is effective? A great strategy is to develop a handful of personas.

What is a marketing persona?

A marketing persona (buyer persona) is the description of an individual or company that is your typical client.

You want to research and develop your persona as much as possible. Give them names and treat them like real people. What are their needs, wants and how do they think? Understanding them will make it much easier to think of your clients as real people and get them to engage with your online presence.

Personas for; Cheryl Hole, Gothy Kendoll & Divina De Campo

Name: Cheryl Hole
Image for post
Image for post
Name: Gothy Kendoll
Image for post
Image for post
Name: Divina De Campo
Image for post
Image for post

Now we have defined our personas. How do we use them in our marketing?

When creating our marketing material it is all too easy to start talking in a very boring, corporate-way to convey messages. But when you focus your content at the specific personas, it is much harder to fall into that trap.

Think about how your persona talks and what platforms they use the most. Let’s look at a generic social media post and how we would adapt it to target each of our personas (queens).

Generic Message:

Cheryl Hole:

Divina De Campo:

Gothy Kendoll:

Now, let’s see which post gets the most engagement!

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